2020 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop

April 30 2020 - May 1 2020

BioMar will be the event partner (main sponsor) of the 2020 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop. We look forward to two full days dedicated to the latest developments in the aquaculture industry.

Participants get to discuss sustainable aquaculture seafood production, how to elevate an industry they feel passionately helps improve public health, protects the ocean and natural resources, and is economically viable. Leading representatives from all parts of the aquaculture seafood value chain attend the event, including investors, feed suppliers, producers, processors, retailers, chefs, and consumers.


Event Location

The 2020 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop will be held April 30th and May 1st at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, USA.

The AIW scheduled for April 30 - May 1 in New York City is being postponed. We anticipate that the event will be re-scheduled later this year.

Please visit the AIW website for further updates