Broodstock feeds

Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)


BioMar’s broodstock feed is specially formulated to provide key nutrients that will be transferred from the mother’s diet to the egg reserves stored in the yolk. EFICO Genio feed supports production of nutrient-rich eggs which hatch into high performing fry. In addition, EFICO Genio contains Bactocell® and other immune-modulating ingredients which promote good condition of the broodstock to increase success of future egg production.

Broodstock feed

EFICO Genio 991


  • Medium energy levels and high content of micro-nutrients contribute to the development of large, high quality eggs.

  • Contains extra nucleotides, vitamins, and other immune-stimulating micronutrients.

  • High levels of vitamins A, C, and E improve cell membrane development, increase hatching success, and ultimately result in high egg and yolk quality to provide fry with the most optimal start in life.

  • Floating feed allows farm managers to spot the amount of uneaten feed.

  • Includes Bactocell®*, a probiotic that has a well-documented effect on fish health.

  • Contains B-WYSETM**, a yeast-based functional ingredient that promotes the production of mucus, thus strengthening the outer and inner barrier of the fish and helping the fish to maintain a healthy intestine.

  • The combination of Bactocell®* and B-WYSETM** helps strengthen the outer and inner barrier of the fish across mucosa contributing to provide a better fish resilience against bacterial, environmental and physical challenges in the farm, such as handling or treatment side-effect.

  • Contains krill meal which stimulates fish appetite and provides natural astaxanthin necessary for ovarian cell development and growth.

*Bactocell® is the only probiotic approved by the European Commission for inclusion in fish feed. The approval is based on extensive documentation of reduced occurrence of deformities across fish species.
**B-WYSE™ (BioMar Whole Yeast Synergistic Extracts) is a functional yeast-based additive developed by BioMar’s partner Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

EFICO Genio 991
Pellet size (mm) 8
DE (MJ/kg) 17.6
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